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Guide to Providing Effective Communication and Language Assistance Services

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Accessing Content

Two tracks of the Guide are available:

  • Administrator Track - One is tailored to health care administrators, with information on planning, implementing, and evaluating effective communication and language assistance services.
  • Provider Track - One is tailored to health care providers (or those providing direct care and services), with information on cross-cultural communication skills, working with an interpreter, and more.

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Automatic Log-Out

If you are participating in this course and you leave your computer idle for 60 minutes or more, the system will automatically end your session by logging you out. If this happens while you are filling out a form or answering a test, you will lose your answers and the system will prompt you to log-in again. This time limit is imposed to prevent someone else from clicking or submitting something to an 'open Web session' if you step away from your computer.

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Submitting Questions and Comments

Contact information:
Office of Minority Health
Toll Free Telephone: (833) 485-1664

General Questions:
For general questions or comments, please send us an email.

Technical Questions:
For technical support, please send us an email.

The Think Cultural Health team is available to answer questions Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm ET.

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Updating Your Profile

If you need to update information on the Registration form, begin by logging onto the site with your user name and password. On the blue box located at the top right of each page, click on the "Update Profile". You will see the original Registration form previously submitted. Begin updating your information and be sure to hit 'Submit' at the bottom of the page. Your password can also be updated by using this form.

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Increasing font size

To increase the size of the font, you may adjust the settings on your monitor to increase your screen resolution. If you have a mouse with a track ball, you may press down the control key and move the track ball to increase the font size as well.

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